The International Centre of Biodynamics (ICB)

Led by: Eugen GHEORGHIU
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: The International Centre of Biodynamics
Scientists/Total: 18/23
Keywords:  modeling & data analysis and experimental aspects of non-invasive analysis of living cells and bio-interfaces using dielectric and optical (SPR, TIRF) assays. Biosensors for biomedical and industrial applications. Effective toxicity testing using cell systems (eliminate the test studies on animals)

The International Centre of Biodynamics initiates and coordinates research, technological development, and regional (European) training programs (Master and Doctoral) in the field of Biodynamics: for the development and applications of rapid, noninvasive methods to analyze and control biosystems in Biotechnology, Medicine, Food Industry and Ecology. ICB aims to maintain a balance between fundamental and applied research.
ICB conducts its own research projects and is involved in a number of collaborative projects with other organizations, having the following headings:
Characterization techniques for cellular systems, with emphasis on noninvasive, real-time monitoring;
Biomass monitoring;
Detection of contaminants (microbes & toxins);
Nonlinear Analysis of living systems;
Biomedical applications - hematological assays, pre-clinical drug screening, monitoring of tissues, organs, and cell suspensions (including ischemic processes);
Monitoring the effects of external agents on the evolution of cellular systems (drugs, toxic compounds, EM radiation, etc);


Solartron 1260 Impedance Analyser 1470 E CellTest System - Solartron Analytical, UK Agilent 4294a Impedance Analyser VSP - Bio-Logic S.A., France 797 VA Computrace - Metrohm, Switzerland Voltage-clamp amplifier OC-725C Warner instruments, USA Two microelectrode voltage-clamp System Micromanipulators DC3-KS Martzhauser GmbH Stereo zoom Microscope Gsz2 Rathenow GmbH Vibration isolation table Micro-g Technical manufacturing Corporation Oocytes chamber RC-3Z Warner instruments, USA Valve Control System VC-6 Warner instruments, USA Voltage-clamp set-up for measurements of transepithelial transport in cells cultured in monostrat on different substrates TINS EP-devices, Belgium CO2 incubator for cell culture MCO-20AIC Sanyo, Japan Biacore 3000 Dual Method Stand (SPR & Impedance) Zeiss Axio Observer JPK AFM microscope model Nikon_eclipse_e400 Nikon_eclipse_TS100 Cell Stand CO2 incubator for cell culture MCO-20AIC Sanyo, Japan CO2 incubator for cell culture MCO-18AIC Sanyo, Japan Congelator SANYO HDF U3286S -80 grade Ministrung LATHE D2000 Physical Vapor Deposition PVD75 Osmometru OSMOMAT 030 Gonotec Balanta analitica KERN Ph metru, conductometru INOLAB Tektronix TS3052 PRO Cititor placi cu detectie multipla INFINITE F200 Microscop electrochimic de baleiaj Luminometru GLOMAX Promega Spetroquant TR320 Etuva lab EC50 Autoclav STAB C17 Autoclav SYSTEC DB23 Spectrofotometru EVOLUTION 600 Baie ultrasonic Branson 2510 Nisa chimica Astec Mon




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