Experimental Biology and Biochemistry

Led by: Adela HALMAGYI
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Env. & Earth Sci.
Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: Institute of Biological Research Cluj-Napoca (ICB)
National Institute for Research and Development in the Biological Sciences (INSB)
Scientists/Total: 11/11
Keywords:  Genomics, Genetics, Cell and tissue cultures, Cryopreservation, Plant physiology, Gene families, Gene expression, Zein genes, Maize endosperm, Heterosis, Maize hybrids, Local maize germplasm, Plant molecular taxonomy

Studies on biodiversity by classic and molecular taxonomy methods and the use of biotechnologies for conservation and economic purposes. Main research directions: postgraduate ecology, plant ecophysiological and environmental protection, studies of plant physiology, applied research in maize breeding, evaluation of local maize germplasm, biochemistry and molecular biology in the selection, characterization and multiplication of rare, endangered and some species of economic interest, fundamentals of biochemical, molecular and cellular reactivity of the animal body to the action of xenobiotics and free radicals in order to identify opportunities for biosafety and restoration, ecological research and restoration of degraded habitats enzymology to anthropogenic, in vitro micropropagation of plants in order to obtain biologically active principles through tissue culture and plant cell.


State of the art molecular biology lab, fully equipped, from simple water baths and PCR machines, to -80 C freezers, spectrophotometers, and Sanger sequencing (ABI 3130 Genetic Analyser)


Germplasm conservation, Production of maize hybrids, Plant taxonomy, Environmental impact studies


Str. Republicii nr. 48, 400015
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 598084 +40 264 591238
Fax: +40 264 591238
eMail: adel...@icbcluj.ro




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