Non-traditional Technologies and Innovative Manufacturing (TENEFABCO)

Led by: Nicolae BÂLC
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 4/11
Keywords:  Non-conventional Technologies, Innovative Manufacturing, Rapid Product Development, Rapid Tooling

Industrial Engineering: laser beam machining, water jet cutting, electrical discharge machining, etc.;
Flexible Manufacturing Systems: CNC manufacturing systems;
CAD/CAM Systems: applied industrial design for products and technologies;
Production Engineering: innovative manufacturing for product development and rapid tooling technologies;
Automotive Engineering: competitive manufacturing of car components;
Composite Materials: manufacturing technologies of complex parts made out of composite materials enforced with carbon fiber;
Engineering and Technologies: concurrent engineering, methodologies and software tools in design for manufacture and assembly


MCP 001 PLC vacuum casting machine (illustrated in Fig.1), used both for silicone rubber moulds manufacturing and for vacuum
casting of the complex parts in small volume production (30-50 parts);
MCP-MK8 metal spraying equipment, necessary for rapid tooling of the metal sprayed moulds, backed up with enforced resins;
2 ovens for the thermal polymerization, in order to quickly solidify the silicone rubber, resins, etc.;
The AGIETRON 50 EDM machine (illustrated in Fig.2), which has CNC equipment and the automated tool (electrode) changer, while manufacturing complex shapes in hard metals;
Precise EDM wire cutting machine for micro-fabrication (illustrated in Fig.3), which has the minimum CNC incremental table movements among the x-y axes, as small as 0,1 μm (one tens of microns);
The MCP 100 KSA semi-automated injection moulding machine (illustrated in Fig.4), specially designed to work with soft moulds made by rapid tooling


Design for Competitive Manufacturing of Industrial Products. Rapid Tooling and Additive Manufacturing
External evaluation of products/projects
Rapid development of new products


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