Remote Sensing Group

Led by: Doina NICOLAE
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics (INOE 2000)
Scientists/Total: 17/19
Keywords:  Laser remote sensing and complementary techniques within environmental domain.

Scientific objectives:
1. Development and improvement of investigation methods (active and passive remote sensing, laser induced fluorescence, in situ and laboratory) dedicated to environmental assessment (water, soil, air)
2. Experimental and theoretical research for the physical, chemical and optical characterization of environmental components and parameters

Complementary objective: Remote Sensing Group supports education at the Master (M.Sc.), and doctoral (Ph.D.), as well as PostDoc track levels: professional deveopment, career plan, communication skills, project management, team work, secondments, networking.





Str. Atomiştilor nr. 409, 077125
Măgurele, jud. Ilfov, România
Tel: +40 314 053303




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