Environmental Protection through Conservation and Remediation (ENVIRONMENTALIA)

Led by: Marian JELEA
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: North University of Baia Mare
Scientists/Total: 3/3
Keywords:  -

Assessment of biodiversity in natural and anthropogenic ecosystems, the conservation or remediation of degraded lands in perspective by promoting restoration of natural habitats.
Identifying, testing and application of combinations of species including microorganisms (bacteria, cianoficee), fungi and plants able to remedy degraded soils and stimulate the installation of natural habitats.
Recovery of copper through bio-technological procedures from the low-grade ores.
Applied research on tissue culture and plants multiply ""in vitro"


(Lamp cathode Au/Ag, Na/K, As, Co/Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni, Ca/Mg/Cu/Zn/Cr/Fe);
Microcalorimeter - Thermometric AB 2277-C3-
Analysentechnik outdoor thermostat; Microscope - HUND H 500 AFI 50 with fluorescentacatod; Centrifugal BIOFUGE
cooled -28 RS; BIOFUGE-PICO; Granulometric analysis device AS BASIC 200V/50Hz, with a set of site; pH - portable
meter 323 A, WTW - with accessories; Adjustable pipettes 2-20 μl, 20-200 μl, 200-1000 μl; UNITRON incubator with shaking and cooling pan with accessories;
Microbiological hood;
Dispensette-BRAND 2-10 ml; 5-50 ml; 100 ml pieces;.Shaker for tubes;
Apparatus for determination of cyanide with 5 seats – BEHR –Labor – Technik;
Analytical balance - SARTORIUS-BP 210S; Ovens thermoregulation - WTC BINDER 2 pieces; Portable oxy- meter Oxi-323 A, WTW, with accessories; MASTERCLAVE culture media preparator;
Spectrophotometer PG Instruments T70, UV/VIS, PG;
Microbiological incubator thermostat LE-549 SCILAB Instrument Ltd;
Microbiological incubator thermostat with turntable mixing ,HEIDOLPH, Titramax 1000; Orbital shaker HEIDOLPH, Rotamax 120; Microbiological incubator with forced ventilation;
Horizontal laminar flow hood with HEPA filter;
Laboratory microcentrifuge EBA 20 with rotor;
Binocular biological microscope MBL 2000 A. KRUSS Optronic GmbH;
Trinocular biological microscope MBL 2100 A. KRUSS
Optronic GmbH;



Str. Victoriei Nr. 76, 430122
Baia Mare, jud. Maramureș, România
Tel: +40 262 276059
Fax: +40 262 275368
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