Bioenergy, biomass (BIOENERGY)

Led by: Mircea CHINTOANU
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation (ICIA)
Scientists/Total: -/-
Keywords:  bio-fuel, green technologies, photovoltaic cell

Bio-fuel of 3rd and 4th generation;
The impact of biofuels use on biodiversity;
Development of green pre-treatment technologies to ensure the improvement of lignocellulosic biomass potential;
Developing ICIA technology for obtaining biogas for efficiency increase;
Valorification of byproducts resulted in the biofuel obtaining process;
Development of innovative photovoltaic cell;
Inventory and determination of greenhouse gases on biofuel chain: raw materials – biofuel obtaining– deployment – biofuel use;
Understanding the long-term fate of geologically stored CO2;
Optimising the integration of CO2 capture into power plants;
New CO2 storing methods;
New methods for obtaining and capturing bio-hydrogen.





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