Laboratory for Biofuel Quality Certification (CABIO)

Led by: Adriana GOG
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation (ICIA)
Scientists/Total: -/-
Keywords:  1. Biodiesel analyses according to EN 14214: Ester Content, Density At 15°C, Viscosity at 40°C, Flash Point, Sulphur Content, Carbon Residue Conradson (CCR), Setane Number, Octanic Number, Water Content, Total Contamination, Copper Strip Corrosion, Sxidation Stability at 110oc, Acid Value, Iodine Value, Linoleic Acid Methylester (C18:3), Methanol Content, Monoglyceride Content, Di- and Triglyceride Content, Free Glycerol, Alkaline Metals, Phosphorus Content, Calorific Value, Cloud Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), Total Biodiesel Content in Dieselfuel. 2. Bioethanol analyses according to SR EN 15376: Alcoholic strength, Saturated higher alcohols content (C3-C5), Methanol content, Water content, Inorganic chloride content, Copper content, Total acidity, Appearance, Phosphorus content , Total dry extract, Sulfur content

CABIO has all necessary resources to perform quality analyses in the best conditions in order to assure reproducibility and accuracy of the the results: climatized rooms, high quality reagents/materials and modern and performant equipments. The equipments from laboratory are tested and calibrated metrologically and are maintained according with the established procedures. The personnel is highly qualified and experienced in the field of biofuel analyses due to the training courses carried out in prestigious national and international laboratories. The laboratory provides the test results in due time (in Result Reports), according with the legislation, at competitive prices.





Str. Donath nr. 67, CP 717, OP 5, 400293
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 420590
Fax: +40 264 420667




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