Accumulation of Microelements in the Soil-Plant-Food-Human System (MICROTRANS)

Led by: Gabriela OPREA
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: North University of Baia Mare
Scientists/Total: 4/4
Keywords:  Environmental chemistry Assessment of the degree of soil pollution due to microelements content. Determination of microelements in plants. Assessment of the health risk associated with the consumption of plants (vegetables and fruit) cultivated on polluted areas. Mathematical modelling of data; the influence of ionic exchange processes on microelements transfer in the soilplant system.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer T60U,
Wavelength range:190-1100 nm, wavelength accuracy: 0,1 nm, light sources: 12V, 20W tungsten lamp and deuteriumlamp; detector: silicon photodiode; PC interface via RS 232 link.
-Digital pH/mV/ISE –meter Hanna Instruments, PC interface via RS 232 link, range pH: -2 -16; ± 2000 mV; 0,01-19999ppm, pH electrodes, ion selective electrodes for Cu2+, Cl-, Pb2+ and ammonium ion.
-InoLab 740 Conductivity meter, with automatic temperature compensation and built-in printer equipped with Tetra Constandard conductivity cell. The Conductivity meter performs conductivity, salinity and temperature measurements for water samples, soil extracts or other samples.
-Liquid chromatograph KNAUER HPLC with double beam UV/VIS detector; programmable functions include time, wavelength, auto-zero, scanning rate: 0,2 -1 nm/sec, absorbance range 0.0005 – 3.000 AUFS, display LCD, flow cell: 12μl with 8 mm optic path, flow range: 0.01 – 10.0 ml/min, maximum pressure: 420 bar, growth rate of eluent flow: 0.01 at 0 -
0.99 ml/min; 0.1 at1.0 – 10 ml/min; flow precision: < 0.3% RSD at 1 ml/min and 70 bar; flow accuracy: +/-1% at 1 ml/minand 70 bar, HPLC column C18 150x4.6 mm.
-GPS (Global position system) provides location of the sampling points.



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