National Center of Innovative Manufacturing (FABRIN)

Led by: Petru BERCE
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 9/9
Keywords:  -

Industrial Engineering (Laser Beam Machining, Water Jet Cutting, Electrical Discharge Machining, Rapid Prototyping
of complex parts and master models for Rapid Tooling, etc.);
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (CNC Manufacturing Systems);
CAD/CAM Systems (Applied Industrial design for products and technologies);
Production Engineering (Innovative Manufacturing for product development and Rapid Tooling technologies);
Automotive Engineering (Competitive Manufacturing of car components);
Composite Materials (Manufacturing technologies of complex parts made out of composite materials enforced with
carbon fiber);
Engineering and Technologies (Concurrent engineering, Methodologies and Software tools in Design for Manufacture
and Assembly);
Biomedical engineering, (Prototypes, customized implants, new biocompatible materials);
Operational Research. Development of algorithms for solving TSP, Flowshop Scheduling, Optimal Nesting etc.
Technology Processes Optimization Development of algorithms for linear and nonlinear optimization, without/with constraints.


- Vacuum Casting Machine, MCP 001 PLC, used to manufacture Silicone Rubber Moulds and to produce complex
parts by Vacuum Casting, in small volume production (30-50 parts);
- Equipment for Metal Spray Tooling, MCP-MK 8, used for injection moulding in medium volume production;
- 2 ovens for thermal polymerization used to produce Silicone Rubber Molds and complex parts;
- Electrical Discharge Machine with massive electrode (Agietron C – AT 100 C) with CNC control and automated tool
change possibility of different electrodes, in finishing the cavities of complex parts made out into hard materials;
- EDM Wire Cutting Machine with high accuracy for micro-fabrication, used for accurate cutting in hard metals. The
smallest increment for CNC movements of the machine along x-y axes is 0,1 μm (1 tens of micro meter);
- Semi-automated machine for injection moulding of plastic parts, MCP 100 KSA, specialized for Rapid Prototyping and
for working with soft mold, made by Metal Spray Tooling;
- Special oven DTM type, for post-processing the metal parts made by Selective Laser Sintering;
- Water Jet Cutting Machine, OMAX 2626, used for 2D cutting of complex parts in metal, marble, glass, etc. and for
complex 3D shaping;
- Modern equipment for Rapid Metal Casting, Indutherm VC 1000 D;
- CNC turning machine, Lynx 220;
- CNC machining centre, with 3 axes, simultaneously controlled, Haas Tool Room;
- CNC machining centre, with 5 axes, simultaneously controlled, DMU 50.



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