Earth Sciences, Environment and Sustainable Development Research Center (ESESD)

Led by: Damian GHEORGHE
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 6/6
Keywords:  - National mineralogy heritage and mineral resources investigation. - Risk assessment of natural geomorphologic, climatic and soil hazards. - GIS databases creation (vector and raster) - GIS modeling for surface erosion (USLE – The universal soil erosion model), landslides (SHALSTAB, SMORPH) and flood simulation (HEC-RAS).

Amplival and Jenapol microscopes and a universal polarizer used for: mineral, rocks, soils, dusts and slags research.
Examinations are performed with a polarized light with one or two Nicols. Maximum magnification is 500X.
− X-ray diffractometer with the following features:X-ray generator Muller Mikro 101, Type 70406/03, no. DY 1117:
- High voltage Philips Muller model, type 70406/03, no. DY 1117- Radiogenic anode tube of Cu, model PW 1043
to 1001, type 72074-06, code 514152, D959 series, Philips,
- Dome PW 1316, D934 series, Philips,
- Goniometer PW 1050/25, series D915, Philips
− Flame atomic absorption spectrometer Jena AAS Analytik Vario 6, controlled by PC. It is an automatic sequential
machine (6 lamps mounted monoelement) for determination of trace metals, ultra-trace metals and semi-metals in
samples of soil, clay, contaminated water, minerals.
− Kruss type binocular microscopes - Optronic, 50 X maximum magnifications for micropaleontology determination, with
an electronic image capture system.
− 5. FM fluorimeter 109520/2002, used to measure low concentrations of fluorescent substances used in tracer method.



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