Biomaterials Group (BIOMAT)

Led by: Cătălin POPA
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 3/3
Keywords:  bio-materials, tissue engineering medical micro-fluids

- Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials designed for soft / hard tissue implants; functionalization of implants
surface in view of a designed body reaction; titanium-base structures with ultralow Young’s modulus and / or
osseintegration optimized surface.
Tissue Engineering
- Synthesis and characterization of scaffolds designed for the growth of tissue from stem / primary cells; design and
manufacturing of synthetic – tissue hybrid materials for grafts; synthesis of delivery systems for agents for controlling
the cells reaction.
Medical Microfluidics
- Design, manufacturing and testing of microfluidic devices for cells selection.


Mechanical testing machine Zwick All 5000 (Fmax. 5000 N);
- Glove box, controlled atmosphere Terra Universal;
- Medical ceramics oven P500 Ivoclar (preliminary vacuum, max 3500ºC);
- Dental chamber oven, electronic command, Ugin Dentaire (max. 1200°C);
- Dental oil-less compressor;
- pH meter / multimeter Monomate;
- Spin-coater Spin 150 SPS (max. 6000 rpm) with vacuum pump Millipore;
- Syringe pump WPI SP230 IWZ (programmable cycles, minimum flow rate 1μl / min);
- Electronic micropipetters with multiple functions Hirschmann Labopette (0.2μl – 250μl);
- Analogic micropipetters (0.5μl – 200μl);
- UV lamp for photopolymerization Blue Wave 50 Dymax;
- Laminar flow cabinet with UV sterilization Asalair Vertical 700;
- Microscope Olympus GX 51 with integrated camera;
- Stereo microscope Optika with integrated camera;
- Drying oven (max. 200°C);
- Peristaltic pump Millipore Masterflex;
- Metallographic cutting machine Buehler;



Blv. Muncii Nr. 103-105, 400641
Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Tel: +40 264 401704 +40 735 406381
Fax: +40 264 593831




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