Radiotherapy, Tumor and Radiobiology Laboratory

Led by: Virag PIROSKA
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: The Oncology Institute „Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă” (IOCN)
Scientists/Total: 8/13
Keywords:  radiobiology, immunology, stem cells

- The biology of the normal and tumor cells (study of some normal and tumor cells patterns; testing of antineoplastic agents (cytotoxic drugs, synthetic compounds, compounds of metals, natural products, biocomposites etc.); study of the antioxidant effects of natural products; synergistic effects in combined treatment with antitumor agents; identification of predictive molecular and cellular markers for the response to chemotherapy; evaluation of the pretherapeutic chemosensitivity of the primary tumor cells; in vitro models for tissue engineering; factors implicated in carcinogenesis and methods of prevention; tumor angiogenesis);
- Radiobiology (study of molecular mechanisms and applications in cancer therapy; study of the applicability of cytogenetic tests for the prediction of radiosensitivity of the normal tissues, in patients subjected to radiotherapy; biologic markers of radiosensitivity with predictive value for the treatment of different types of cancer; modulation of the response to radiotherapy with biologic compounds, with effect on the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, in different types of cancer; study of DNA lesions and chromosomal aberrations, induced by ionizing radiations in normal and tumor cells; study of carcinogenic effects of UV radiations; using visible light in cancer therapy – photodynamic therapy);
- Immunology (the effects of low-dose radiations on the immune system);
- Stem cells.





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