Center for Research in Space Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS

Led by: Tiberiu RUS
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (UTCB)
Scientists/Total: 18/18
Keywords:  -

· Possibly the use of space technologies (GNSS, SLR / LLR, VLBI) in geodesy;
· Space-time reference systems specific Space geodesy:
a reference coordinate system (ITRS, ETRS, WGS84, PZ90 etc.).
a system time (UT, UTC, TAI, GPST etc.).
a geodetic coordinate transformations and conversions;
a determination of geodetic points and speeds depending on the time series of coordinates;
an integration of space geodetic networks according to international standards;
· Use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in geodesy:
- Design, realization, measurement, processing and interpretation of results
a reference implementation of international geodetic networks;
a realization of national geodetic networks;
a realization of local geodetic networks.
• Development / implementation of new and additional GNSS systems in Romania (ROMPOS, EGNOS, GALILEO, COMPASS);
· Use of GNSS in the study of crustal movements (Geodynamics)
The study of interactions between space geodetic technologies and atmospheric physics (determination of parameters in the troposphere and ionosphere condition or use of the positioning accuracy and meteorology);
· Applications of spatial geodesy geodetic astronomy and other fields (photogrammetry, surveying, surveying, navigation, GIS, etc.);
· Optimization of geodetic networks;
· Applications of using images and photogrammetric technologies, remote sensing and GIS in surveying;





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