Nanobiotechnology Laboratory

Led by: Mihaela Silvia KUSKO
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Products and process engineering
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies (IMT)
Scientists/Total: 8/9
Keywords:  -

Functional nanomaterials - preparation, characterization and appropriate surface functionalisation of nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials or multilayer structures. Nanomedicine - study, design and fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Nanotoxicology - research addressing the health risks of these new materials, nanomaterials and/or nanoproducts, in order to underpin their safe use. NEMS / MEMS area - design and fabrication of new complex devices on silicon or polymers, for applications in many interdisciplinary areas, from biomedicine to energy harvesting.


- Ultra high resolution triple axis multiple reflection SmartLab X-ray Thin film Difraction System (Rigaku Corporation, Japan)
- Microarray spot plotting and scanning using: Micro-Nano Plotter – OmniGridand Microarray Scanner - GeneTAC UC4 (Genomic Solutions Ltd., UK)
- Scanning Electrochemical Microscope - ElProScan (HEKA, Germany)
- Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer -PARSTAT 2273 (Princeton Applied Research, USA)
- Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzer - DelsaNano (Beckman Coulter, USA)
- Combined Time Resolved and Steady State Fluorescence Spectrometer - FLS920P (Edinburgh Instruments, UK)



Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae nr. 126A, 077190
Municipiul București, România
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