Gravity, Microgravity and Nanosatellites

Led by: Marius Ioan (R) PISO
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: Institute of Space Science
Scientists/Total: 11/14
Keywords:  Gravity / orbits, nanosatellites, space weather, earth observation.

Certified Components for Nanosatellites; Vehicle for Commercial Exploitation of Suborbital Space; Strategy and Management of Research and Industry National Activities in the Space Domain; Nanosatellite Systems Flight in Straight Formation Connected into the Network; Formation of UAVs in Autonomous Flight with Data Fusion and Centralized Communications; Research on Emission, Modulation, Scanning and Detection of THz Electromagnetic Waves in the Field: Experimental Model Plant Detection and Imaging of Objects of Interest to Security; Hybrid Structures Consisting of a Matrix of AII-BIV Semiconductor Quantum Wires and Organic Semiconductor Films with Applications to Optoelectronic Devices.





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