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Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Established: 2010
Company type: Software/IT
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uberVU provides marketers with customized insights from social media so they always know what’s important and what they need to do next.
At uberVU, we provide some of the world’s biggest brands with customized social media insights. Our powerful software, easy-to-use dashboard, and client specialists give social media teams custom insights on what’s said, why it’s important, and best of all, what you need to do next.î
uberVU was built with the understanding that marketers shouldn’t waste time running reports and numbers in 10 different dashboards just to get a sense of what’s going on. We deliver monitoring, engagement, collaboration and reporting in a single dashboard. And we automate most of a social media marketer’s tedious manual work: finding insights, detecting influencer mentions, detecting trending stories, suggesting engaging content to post.


For additional information see the company profile at http://www.romanianstartups.com/startup/ubervu/




Target market

Advertising, Social Media.


1 Broadway, 14th Floor, MA 02142
Cambridge, jud. Massachusetts, SUA
Tel: +1 800 2861624

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