Main contact: Florin PETOLEA
Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Electronics and telecommunications
Established: 1991
Company type: Design and Manufacturing
Position: Regional/Country Director
Employees: 1459

ALCATEL-LUCENT is the leading provider of turnkey telecommunication solutions in Romania and has a complex activity consisting in R & D, design, installation, maintenance and consulting.
ALCATEL-LUCENT has been present in Romania since 1991, when it was founded a branch in Timisoara. Since then the company has created a long-term partnership relationship with its customers, providing turnkey solutions to companies Orange, Romtelecom, Zapp, CFR, Transelectrica, but also for public institutions.



Target market



Str.Gheorghe Lazăr nr. 9
Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România
Tel: +40 256 303100
Fax: +40 256 491015

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