Main contact: Bogdan PADIU
Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Established: 2001
Company type: Software/IT
Position: CEO
Employees: 378

Since the founding in 2001 until now TeamNet has become one of the most important companies on the IT system integrators market in Romania.

TeamNet is a company which specializes in the development and implementation of the software applications based on the latest technologies which meet the client requirements. It has offices in Bucharest, Iaşi, Galaţi, and international offices in Brussels, Chişinău, and Belgrade. TeamNet has also a partner location in Istanbul.

TeamNet is also one of the few private companies in Romania which was involved in the leading research conducted within the European Commission Framework 6 Program. Through its involvement together with his strategic partner, Asesoft in the development of integrated solutions for the projects financed through European programs (PHARE, ISPA) and the World Bank, TeamNet has consolidated its position as a solution supplier with European standards.

Throughout the time the company achieved a solid reputation and now has strong partners such as Microsoft, Oracle and other important European technology providers.



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Str. Splaiul Independenţei, No. 319, RIVER Place, RIVERVIEW House, etaj 8,Sector 6, 060044
Municipiul București, jud. București, România
Tel: +40 21 3116631 +40 21 3116632
Fax: +40 21 3116634, +40 21 3116636
eMail:, marketing

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