Main contact: Cristian Constantin OLARASU
Established: 2011
Company type: Software/IT
Employees: <10

GoodMomming! is an intelligent platform that assists moms with early parenting decisions by providing personalized recommendations based on deep medical knowledge, parents insights and similar situations.

GoodMomming! deals with early parenting problems that moms face during their babies’ first 3 years of life. By leveraging technology and algorithms, we assist parents take the best decisions depending on their unique babies’ requirements.

The results will consist in more confident and happy parents and less money spent on expensive books and useless visits to the pediatrician.

From lactation, introducing solids, growth and development to diapers and cognitive development, GoodMomming will assist parents by learning baby’s individual characteristics and preferences to provide more and more relevant advice.

GoodMomming is the first automated product to generate complete interactive reports on baby’s evolution during a certain period of time, with actionable feedback on how to improve imbalances. In addition, GoodMomming provides specialized reports crafted for pediatricians in order to facilitate them a better examination of baby’s evolution.

GoodMomming uses algorithms to detect parents that are most likely to mutually share advice and experiences. Based on their babies’ preferences, issues, growth stages, parents will be matched and they will be able to keep up together to their babies’ rapid changing needs.


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