Main contact: Bogdan PREDUŞCA
Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Established: 2012
Company type: Software/IT
Position: Founder
Employees: <10

We developed our competencies and know-how in two main directions with a significant impact on our everyday lives:
- Mobile & Smart TV (applications, games and services)
- Smart Living (software solutions for intelligent house or facility management)
Thereby, our services consist in full product lifecycle development for these two sectors. On the one hand we support customers to materialize their own ideas and transform them into marketable software products and on the other we develop our own products that enhance the sense of well-being and create a unique user experience.
Success stories of our start-up founded in late 2012 are represented both by internal and external projects like the development of a video-on-demand platform for tablets and smartphones, the development of a mobile app that connects to on-wall switch adapters and through which all home appliances can be managed from smartphones and tablets, a complex fitness application for smartphones and a mobile app that supports the usual shopping process. We also have several other exciting lifestyle-oriented projects in concept or development phase.


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Bvd. Griviţei nr. A96, 500198
Brașov, jud. Brașov, România
Tel: +40 368 453692

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