Main contact: Nicolae GHIBU
Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Electronics and telecommunications
Established: 2006
Company type: Software/IT
Position: CEO
Employees: 100

CERTSIGN SA secures your online transactions. Solutions are developed integrally in Romania and are especially designed for the specific needs of your business. From digital certificates to complex security solutions, that have passed the NATO interoperability tests, CERTSIGN SA made all the steps for your information to be safe.



Target market



Str. Timişoara nr. 5A, Sector 6, CP 061301
Municipiul București, jud. București, România
Tel: +40 213 119901 +4 0727734159, +4 0721250010
Fax: +40 213 119905
eMail: off...@certsign.ro

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