Main contact: Mihai IOVEA
Sectors: Others
Established: 2000
Company type: Design and Manufacturing
Position: CEO
Employees: 3

ACCENT PRO 2000 (AP2K), registered by Dr Mihai IOVEA in year 2000, is a private Romanian company with expertise in Research and Development activities in the field of Industrial X-ray Imaging , NDT and High-tech equipments for continuous improving our offer in solving new R&D projects, building prototypes for manufacturing companies and answering to niche market demands.
Having strong experience in Design and Implementation of new X-ray imaging techniques, our main objective is to develop fast innovative product Prototypes for NDT and Security applications, such as luggage X-Ray scanners and tomographs, advanced digital radiography and tomography sistems for industrial applications, material analysis/identification for various domains.


Since 2001, the company builds, on several partnerships with both internal and external collaborators, a wide range of scientific and technical activities, such as:
X and Gamma Ray Tomography and Radioscopy Imaging for Security and NDT
High-tech Equipment Prototypes and Software development for industry, security and R&D purpose
Dual/multi-energy, scattering, diffraction techniques for materials identification in Tomography and Radioscopy for Security and Food Control
High-accuracy local density measurement for defects evaluation in NDT
Non-Destructive inspection of OLED displays and Thin films by high-resolution X-ray technique
Non-Destructive inspection Green and Sintered parts in real-time by an X-ray conveyor-based sistem
Non-Destructive inspection of PCB's and IC's for counterfeit components fast detection
Development of X-ray NDT system for mechanical parts in Aerospace Industry
FP7 and National R&D Projects management
Dual-energy X-ray Flat Panel detector for NDT and security application
Consulting for new high-tech business and investment development in Romania

Target market

Industrial X-ray Imaging.


Str. Nerva Traian nr. 1, Bl. K6, Sc. 1, Ap. 26, Sector 3, 031041
Municipiul București, jud. București, România
Tel: +40 213 204759
Fax: +40 213 204759

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