Main contact: Magdalena IFTODE
Sectors: Energy
Environmental and Clean Technologies
Adanced materials, chemical processes and engineering
Established: 2004
Company type: Design and Manufacturing
Position: CEO
Employees: 12

Research in the areas of: chemical engineering; technologies for composites and nanocomposites polymer / polymer processing consulting, polymer composite materials and waste recycling; biofuels; test methods and materials characterization (physico-chemical, mechanical and thermal environmental analysis); sustainable development and material recycling technologies; environmental protection.
Production fields: polymer composites on the basis of polyamides, polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene), ABS, PET, as well as other special polymer; monofilament yarn of PA6, PP and HDPE; flame nonazbest.



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Str. Uzinei nr.1, CP 5, OP Săvineşti, 617410
Săvinești, jud. Neamț, România
Tel: +40 233 281690 +4 0755 092800; +4 0744 474998
Fax: +40 233 281680

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