Sectors: Electronics and telecommunications
Adanced materials, chemical processes and engineering
Electro-mechanical and Control Systems
Established: 1990
Company type: Design and Manufacturing
Position: Founder
Employees: 14

Founded in 1990, Gradient is a privately owned company which specializes in the the production of electronics equipment and of automated and precision mechanical systems.
Gradient carries out research in the following areas: microwaves, transducers, dielectrics and electric and electronic measurements. It has been registered as an O.S.I.M. trademark since 1992 (registration no. 19.254) and ISO-certified since 2006 (SR EN ISO 9001: 2001, no. 1509/26.100.2006, renewed SR EN ISO 9001:2008 RA -1733/04-04-2011, audited by SIMTEX OC). It has also been certified as an R&D unit by the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS, decision no. 9673, date 17.06.2008) and it has been consistently ranked among the top companies in the region (i.e. the county of Iasi) by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce.
The main R&D activities focus on: 1) the electric and magnetic properties of materials; 2) systems for the generation, transmission and reception of microwaves, interaction with matter and industrial applications; 3) magnetic materials and magnetic resonance in amorphous and nano-structured wires and tapes; 4) transducers for physical quantities and their applications; 5) amplification and signal processing in experimental physics and data acquisition systems.


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The company participates in research contracts which have resulted in ISI-rated papers, published in collaboration with external partners. Several employees and associates are active researchers in the fields of physics, chemistry and IT.

Target market

GRADIENT has business partners which are ready to undertake part of our manufacturing whenever necessary, thus ensuring that all our products are delivered at the established time.
The current range of products includes security, access control and automation systems, precision mechanical assemblies and partially equipped cases for electronic devices. The implemented technological processes are flexible and well adapted for small series and for the development of new products; this has enabled to Gradient to meet the demands of a diverse group of national and international clients, including companies from Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain.


str.Codrescu nr.17 IASI ROMANIA
Iași, jud. Iași, România
Tel: 0232210775 0744546699
Fax: 0232210775

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