Main contact: Anca SAUCIUC
Sectors: Energy
Environmental and Clean Technologies
Established: 2013
Company type: Other
Position: Director
Employees: 2

ROCAT Synfuels is a Romanian company specialized in offering technical services in the Research & Development on Biotechnology area: analytical analysis, data processing, technical solutions and research projects in two main domains:
- Catalyst synthesis and characterization;
- Biofuels synthesis, refining and characterization.
The main objective of ROCAT Synfuels is to satisfy the highest requirements of the clients, by finding innovative solutions on analytical techniques and research projects with minimum costs.



Target market

The main advantages of the services offered by ROCAT Synfuels compared with other competitors are:
- Exclusivity ad priority for existing clients – ROCAT Synfuels will work exclusively for a specific research project only for one client and the results obtained will not be used in other projects;
- The confidentiality of the results and research projects will be kept at least 15 years after the ending of the contract and no publications will be made with the data (only at customer request, patents or articles can be written);
- Technical assistance will be offered after the implementation of the research project in the customer’s technological process;
- For each research project, ROCAT Synfuels will do weekly reports regarding the status of the project and final report at the end of the project;
- The interest of ROCAT Synfuels is to develop low budget research projects for customer’s requests, but with highest responsibility – 100% implication into each research project;
- A dedicated team based on researchers and experts in the field will perform all the research projects;
- All the results and processes developed during the research projects are owned by the client, as well as the intellectual property;
- The policy of ROCAT Synfuels is to offer flexibility to the client’s requests and to be available for each client, no matter the hour and time zone.


Str. Valea Cetăţii nr. 22
Brașov, jud. Brașov, România
Tel: +4 0743 157131 +1 713 370 2783

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