Project title: “Technology Transfer through Visibility and Mentorship – T3VM”


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Project Summary

The Romanian Higher Education and Research system (HE&R) is disconnected from industry needs and lacks the entrepreneurial culture necessary for efficient transfer of knowledge and results to the market. Moreover, the public system is excessively fragmented in 90 universities and over 150 institutes, and many potentially valuable results are wasted because of a lack of interconnectedness, visibility and critical mass.

The project will create the platform and use it to increase visibility, stimulate international networking and provide appropriate training and mentoring to individual researchers as well as to institutions in order to enable them to achieve measurable results in technology transfer. It will also integrate the information available on a dispersed and highly fragmented ecosystem. There are three objectives:

  1. Create an online database of applied research comprising information on high-potential a) Human resources, b) Infrastructure and c) Applied research results, from all over the public research system. This will involve organizing visits to the best institutions in the country from different scientific fields in order to identify, profile and collect information on the most promising labs and groups.
  2. Create an online database of high-tech and medium-tech Romanian firms, modelled on the Israeli database:
    This will involve using an existing database of 600 technology firms, combined with online and offline networking methods to collect and organize data on at least 1000 high-tech and medium-tech Romanian firms.
  3. Provide training and mentoring in the areas of a) Institutional tech-transfer management, and b) High-tech entrepreneurship, with the support of experts from one of the most successful innovation ecosystems in the world, centred around the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
    This will involve organizing a 3 day workshop in Lausanne for 14 Romanian researchers or research managers, organizing over 25 training seminars on Romanian research campuses by Swiss, Romanian and other experts in technology transfer and tech entrepreneurship, as well as supporting on-the-job training for 2 Romanian research managers for 2 weeks at the EPFL TTO.
    All presentations and seminars will be recorded in high-quality video and offered freely on the website.


May 10th 2013: Project start.

September 2013: platform online. >500 tech firms, >800 research labs indexed.

October 2013: first presentations and workshops organized, or coorganized.

April 2014: Workshop in Lausanne.

May 2014: Over 24 video recorded training presentations on researchforindustry website.

July 2014: More than 1000 tech firms and 1000 research labs indexed.

February 2015: 2 week training program for 2 persons at EPFL-TTO, Lausanne Switzerland.

May 9th 2015: Project End.


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