Interuniversity National Center for High Voltage Engineering and Electromagnetic Compatibility (TICEM)

Led by: Dorin CRISTESCU
Fields: Elec. Electron. Sys. & Telecom. Eng.
Institution: ”Politehnica” University of Bucharest (UPB)
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
"Politehnica" University of Timișoara (UPT)
Scientists/Total: -/-
Keywords:  characterization of luminous discharge current; development of monitoring systems for surge in substations; radiated RF interference measurement in high voltage transmission lines; generation and measurement of the shock "" very steep front "" voltages induced in the medium-voltage distribution lines.

Test installations for 3500 kV Surge, 1200 kV, 500 kV test systems with voltages of 1200 kV alternative, 600 kV, 400 kV voltage test facility contains 300 kV, two artificial rain production facility, with associated water conditioning installation, overhead line, experimental variable geometry for rated voltages up to 750 kV LabVIEW software for data acquisition and processing, measurement disturbances emitted "" in situ "" in the range 9 kHz to 2.8 GHz to immunity complex simulator consists of generating electrostatic discharge (16.5 / 9 kV), save and surge simulator (4.4 kV) and perturbations in the network simulator power, spectrum analyzer, analyzer network / spectrum / impedance (100 kHz ... 1.8 GHz) with accessories pulse generator (electrostatic discharge, bursts, surges, etc.).



Splaiul Independentei, nr.313, 060042, Noul Local – sala EI 107
Municipiul București, România
Tel: +40 214 029496
Fax: +40 214 029446




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