Embedded and Dedicated Computer Systems (eDCS)

Led by: Gheorghe SEBESTYEN
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 9/9
Keywords:  Embedded systems, Real-time systems, dedicated computer systems, industrial informatics, medical informatics, digital libraries

Embedded systems, Dedicated digital systems and FPGA-bases systems:
Modeling, design and implementation of hardware & software systems adapted for various applications in industrial, medical and security domains. Research themes: development of portable medical devices, random number generators, cryptographic applications, techniques for encoding / decoding on reconfigurable FPGA architecture, FPGA accelerators and optimized functional units.

Real-time systems:
Modeling, design, simulation and implementation of systems and applications in which time plays a significant role. Research themes: scheduling strategies for tasks and communication on parallel and distributed infrastructure, response time analysis, feasibility of real-time systems, optimization of tasks execution in terms of response time.

eHealth systems:
Design and implementation of distributed medical information systems. Research themes: efficient management of medical information, remote monitoring of patients and integration of mobile medical devices into distributed medical services.

Real random number generators:
Real random generator is based on the exploitation of physical phenomena known for their intrinsic random nature (eg quantum phenomena). Generators developed in our laboratory using certain physical properties of FPGA devices to collect real entropy.


Development systems for various families of microcontrollers,
Development Systems for FPGA circuits,
Sensors and wireless networks,
Industrial automation (PLC, sensors, etc.),
Mobile Robots,
Real random number generators (TRNG)
Software for random number generators testing.


Research & development in core areas
Efficient strategies for scheduling communication and tasks on real-time parallel and distributed architectures; integrated modeling, simulation and optimization of real-time systems. Advanced techniques for generating random numbers with applications in cryptography. Reconfigurable computer system architectures
Research & development in applied fields
Portable medical devices - for continuous monitoring of patients for prophylactic treatment of chronic diseases. Digital content management systems. Real high quality random number generators, high flow (Mbps) or very high (Gbps). Advanced software systems for testing random sequences. Systems for mobile robots Sensor networks for monitoring rivers
Design of dedicated systems based on specialized processors and FPGA circuits. Development of real-time applications. Cryptography and random number generators Evaluating the quality of a random number generators. Evaluation of algorithms using random number generators
Applied engineering services
Industrial Informatics, industrial networks, dedicated devices based FPGA circuits According to TRNG design and implementation of user specifications, wireless Sensor Networks
Computer Architecture, industrial Informatics, digital circuit design, using FPGA circuits, quality systems. Training on proper use of random number generators in various types of applications, focusing on cryptographic applications.


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