Laboratory of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

Led by: Cătălin STAN-SION
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Env. & Earth Sci.
Basic Phys. Radiation & Instrum.
Institution: "Horia Hulubei" National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN HH)
Scientists/Total: 5/8
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Precise measurements with radiocarbon: 14C AMS we can date back to over 10.000 years with the best available accuracy.
Following in-vivo bio-kinetic processes: administering a very small quantity of radio-nuclides with long half-life, such as 26Al, and 41Ca, we can study the metabolism of those elements in the human body.
AMS with 41Ca: investigating the metabolism of 41Ca and of osteoporosis in humans; measuring cellular absorption of some pharmaceutical products.
AMS with 25Al: studying Al metabolism in renal failure; toxico-kinetics of Al in human body (Alzheimer disease)
AMS in environmental physics and astrophysics: analysis of extraterrestrial materials in meteorites. Traveling millions of years in interplanetary space these objects contain information about physical phenomena in our galaxy.
Monitoring solar activity and galactic cosmic rays.
Monitoring man-made radio-nuclides. Products of nuclear bomb explosions, or materials evacuated from nuclear power stations.
Testing the characterization ofr ground water reserves: age distribution, changes of flow and course, evaporation rates, tracing path from the source.
Landmass erosion.
AMS with 129I - monitoring nuclear activity.




Nuclear physics
Physics of the atmosphere
Physics of the environment


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