Lab Testing for Food Quality and Safety (LICSA)

Led by: Maria TOFANĂ
Fields: Appl. Life Sci. & Agrobiotech.
Institution: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (USAMVCN)
Scientists/Total: 12/22
Keywords:  1. Food quality and safety control in the agro-food chain traceability; 2. Food authentication; 3. Analysis of chemical and microbiological contaminants; 4. Analysis of biologically active natural compounds (volatile oils, polyphenols, natural pigments, vitamins, bitter substances in hops);

1. Food quality and safety analysis in agri-food chain using modern high-performance;
2. Characterization of natural food additives and biologically active compounds;
3. Food authentication;


Automatic titrator
Liquid chromatograph HPLC
Gas- chromatograph GC-ECD, NPD
Gas- chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer and Head Space Combi Pal System, ITEX
UV-Vis Spetrofotometer
Soxhlet extractor
Kjeldhal system



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