Business Administration and Rural Development

Led by: Felix ARION
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (USAMVCN)
Scientists/Total: 21/25
Keywords:  1. Business plan for setting up/developing businesses in rural domain (agriculture, tourism, rural area businesses) 2. Economical-managerial extension for acquiring and carrying on European projects of investments and development. 3. Developing complex marketing strategies for selling products in rural area 4. Developing complex strategies for rural and regional development 5. Impact study regarding economic/financial activity 6. Market studies and researches in order to carry on the activities 7. Estimating and measuring the quality of services in the rural area 8. Estimating and measuring the economical value of public protected areas. 9. Studies regarding the consolidation of food market in rural area and developing short input chain 10. Training in tourism, services and management 11. Studies regarding the social impact of economic activities in rural area 12. Extension services regarding dealing commercial contracts 13. Sociological studies and researches regarding socio-economical development in rural area 14. Analyzing facts in contemporary Romanian village.

1. Integrating the teaching activities of the staff involved with the requirements and needs of the economic environmental in business administration in rural areas
2. Effective and efficient integration of students and graduates in the labor market on this field
3. Integrating the efforts of the department and the university concerning the national and European strategy of developing businesses in agriculture and in the rural area
4. Completing the university services available to the economic environment


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