Molecular Biology (BIOTEHNOL)

Led by: Călina Petruţa CORNEA
Fields: Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Center (BIOTEHNOL)
Scientists/Total: -/-
Keywords:  molecular biology, microorganism genetics, GMO detection through PCR, molecular cloning, differentiated gene expression in plants and microorganisms, cellular cultures, plant tissue cultures, enzyme analysis

Centrifuge Hettich with cooling,
Microscope Nikon with photographing system,
Microscope Zeiss with photographing system,
Stereomicroscope Zeiss with photographing system,
Electrophoresis automated system Experion type,
Thermocycler PCR,
Transluminator UV-VIS,
Spectrophotometer UV - VIS Helios Gamma,
Biophotometer VIS Helios Gamma ,
Thermostatic shaking Incubator,
Electrophoresis equipment in denaturing conditions DGGE,
Growth room for plants,
Hood with vertical laminar flow,
Hood with horizontal laminar flow,
pH meter digital,
Incubator termostatat cu agitare,
Electrophoresis machine nucleic acids (horizontal system),
Electrophoresis machine proteins (vertical system).



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Municipiul București, România
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