Cerebrovascular Dysfunctions

Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: „Nicolae Simionescu” Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology
Scientists/Total: 2/5
Keywords:  Cytoskeletal proteins of the erythrocyte, Platelet and endothelial cells in normal and pathological conditions; Adhesion molecules and Matrix metalloproteinases in atherosclerosis and diabetes; Alterations of cerebral vasculature in pathological conditions;

We intend to extend the study on the implication of cerebral vessels in ageing and neurodegeneration, focusing on the “lymphatic” drainage of amyloid along vessel walls.
The brain does not contain lymphatic vessels, so that the vascular adventitia and the basal membrane represent the main drainage pathways; vessel pulsations appear to be the normal driving force for the drainage along artery and the capillary walls. In ageing the blood flow decreases and vessels stiffen with amyloid deposits.
Looking at the complex interactions taking place in adventitial layer between cells and extracellular matrix, could be an approach to understand the fate of amyloid during its drainage.
We will use an ex vivo model, isolating the vascular beds (meninges and choroid plexus) from senescent and normal rats (control) that will be maintained in culture medium and study the traffic of the amyloid molecules, endogenous or exogenous, in direct interaction with the adventitial elements.





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