Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology - Functional Genomics

Led by: Adrian MANEA
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Molec. Cell. & Sys. Biol.
Institution: „Nicolae Simionescu” Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology
Scientists/Total: 2/3
Keywords:  - Reactive oxygen species and redox signalling in vascular physiology and pathology; the epigenetic control mechanisms involved in the regulation of oxidative stress and vascular inflammation. - Development of novel pharmacological approaches: biodegradable nanocarriers for drug and siRNA/miRNA delivery to control oxidative stress. - Endothelin system in vascular physiology and pathology; identification of new pharmacological targets to correct endothelin-1 biosynthesis and improve vascular functions.

Alterations in the gene/microRNA expression profile occur early in the atherosclerotic process from fatty streak formation, development of complex lesion, to complicated plaque and rupture leading to pathological changes in the cell phenotype and function. Employing state of the art clinical procedures, experimental, and technological platforms, the specific focuses of the future projects are: (a) genome-wide mRNA and miRNA profiling in human biological samples (atherosclerotic plaques, non-atherosclerotic vessels, blood samples – serum/plasma, circulating immune cells), (b) identification of new panel of mRNA/miRNA species linked to vascular oxidative stress, inflammation and metabolic disorders, (c) correlation of gene and miRNA patterns with the clinical profiles in human subjects, (d) investigation of miRNA-dependent mechanisms involved in the regulation of Nox expression/function, antioxidant capacity, and endothelin system’s components in vascular cells in atherosclerosis and diabetes, (e) functional analysis of the plaque transcriptom and phenotype; correlation with Nox and endothelin system expression/activity and the severity of atherosclerosis in mice and humans, (f) evaluation of potential mRNA and miRNA-related pharmacological targets to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, endothelin system overactivity to improve vascular function in atherosclerosis and diabetes.





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