Research Center of Technology Engineering in Automotive Industry (ITCM)

Led by: Viorel PĂUNOIU
Fields: Products and process engineering
Institution: „Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați
Scientists/Total: -/35
Keywords:  -

- High efficiency cutting tools optimized in terms of power loading;
- Profiling tools for cutting edge uniform power loading;
- Generation of digitized surfaces by wrapping;
- Identify areas using artificial intelligence;
- Design of reconfigurable manufacturing systems;
- Reliability predictive and experimental;
- Evaluating and improving maintainability;
- Dynamic torque machine tool - cutting process;
- Early detection of instability-processing regenerative processes;
- Intelligent adaptive predictive control preoceselor processing;
- Scheduling based reactive control;
- Improving the analysis and modeling of cutting tools in order to improve their constructive;
- Modelling of processes generating cutting tool and workpiece under representation in discrete form through clouds of points;
- The development of graphical methods in the winding process generating profiling tools





Str. Domneasca Nr. 111, 800201
Galați, jud. Galați, România
Tel: +40 336 130208
Fax: +40 236 314463




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