”Pius Branzeu” Center for Laparoscopic Surgery and Microsurgery

Led by: Mihai IONAC
Fields: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Institution: ”Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timișoara (UMFT)
Scientists/Total: 4/5
Keywords:  Laparoscopic Surgery, Microsurgery, Vascular Surgery

Leica table-top microscopes
Videocamera CCD
Aesculap bipolar coagulator for microsurgery
Photo camera classic and digital
DVD video recording of the procedures
Sony S-VHS video-recorder
Aesculap instruments including ophthalmological and bipolar coagulators
FACSSort flowcitometer, Beckton Dickinson, USA
MacPro computer unit which runs with the CellQuest Pro software
Vertical and horizontal electrophoresis units from Bio-Rad
Applied-Biosystems thermo-cycler
Bio-Rad Gel-Doc 2000 system suited with a Sony video-printer



P-ta Eftimie Murgu 2, 300041
Timișoara, jud. Timiș, România
Tel: +40 256 216510
eMail: miha...@gmail.com




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