Self-assembled Molecular and Biomolecular Systems

Led by: Ioan TURCU
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (ITIM)
Scientists/Total: 10/11
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Intra- and inter-molecular interactions, protein-ligand interactions. Cyclodextrins inclusion complexes with biomolecules of pharmaceutical interest. Molecular recognition and self-assembling processes. Fabrication and characterization of supramolecular structures with controlled architecture.


Micro / Nano Fabrication
Clean room
Molecular beam epitaxy MBE
DipPenNanolithography – molecular ink printing
Spin Coater
Carbon and metallic sputtering coater
Electronic and Microwaves Printed Circuit Board prototyping system (Multi-layer professional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototyping line
Pick and place Surface Mount Devices (SMD)
High power microwave field installation for sample treatment

Solid forms screening
Zinsser Crissy Light XL - parallel crystallization platform at small scale
Eyela - Flexible Benchtop Synthesizer- parallel crystallization platform at large scale
pION mDISS Dissolution Rate Profiler
Bruker Avance D8 Powder X Ray Diffractometer with accessories
Oxford Diffraction Supernova Single Crystal X Ray Diffractometer

NTM-DT Atomic Force Microscope
Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectrometer

NMR Spectroscopy
Liquid samples NMR Spectrometer - BRUKER AVANCE III, 500 MHz
Solid samples NMR Spectrometer - BRUKER AVANCE III, 500 MHz

Ultrasensitive Isothermal Titration Calorimeter– Nano-ITC 2G
Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Thermogravimetry DSC + TGA



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