River Sedimentary Systems

Led by: Gheorghe OAIE
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Institution: National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology (GeoEcoMar)
Scientists/Total: 10/12
Keywords:  Morpho-sedimentological and geoecological evolution of the Danube. Assessment of anthropogenic pollutio. River Danube impact for the NW Black sea.

Studies on geology and evolution of the Black Sea and other marine zones in the World Ocean;
Geologic and sedimentological mapping of the Black Sea continental shelf;
Sediment investigation – grain size, mineralogy, chemistry, biology – in the Black Sea, littoral lakes, Danube Delta, Razim-Sinoie Lagoon Complex, Danube River and its main tributaries;
Studies on greenhouse gas emissions (CH4, N20, C02) in the wetlands of Danube – Danube Delta – Black Sea hydro-sedimentary geosystem;
Paleoecological and paleoenvironmental investigations, studies on the past and present geological and environmental impact of the climate and sea level changes;
Studies concerning anthropogenic activity effects on the fluvial, deltaic and marine aquatic and sedimentary ecosystems;
Water and sediment quality assessment in marine, fluvial and lacustrine environments; environmental pollution studies on heavy metals, organochloride compounds, hydrocarbon and other contaminants; ecotoxicological studies using algal bioassays etc.


HACH DR 2000 portable spectrophotometer;
HACH DR 5000 UV-Vis portable spectrophotometer;
WTW multi-line kit F/SET 3;
HUMMINBIRD WIDE portable sonar (Techsonic Industries Inc.);
PWS-NISKIN (5 l) bottle;
INNOVA multi-gas analyzer – Bruel & Kjaer 1312;
Van Veen grab sampler;
Gravity corer (Hydro-Bios);
Alpha – Laval field centrifuge (7000t/min, liquid flow 5l/min).
Motorboat TERHI NORDIC 6020 C (gasoline, 30HP);
Turbidimeter 2100P;
Doppler Profiler SONTEK acoustic system – Mini ADP, 1500kHz;
Hand drill;
Magellan Meridian Color GPS;
Bushnell laser telemeter (1000m);
Bürkle immersion cylinder.
DIGESTAHL HACH demineralization device;
SONOMATIC 375 ultrasonic cleaning bath (Langford Electronics Ltd);
Refrigerated thermo-incubator (Vindon Scientific Ltd);



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