Environmental Protection Laboratory

Led by: Gheorghe GHEŢIE
Fields: Env. & Earth Sci.
Products and process engineering
Institution: National Institute for Research and Development in Mining and Explosive Security (INSEMEX)
Scientists/Total: 5/5
Keywords:  -

Research, measurement and assessment of environmental risk factors levels. Development of methods and techniques of prediction, prevention, rehabilitation and ecological reconstruction of areas affected by human factors. Researches regarding the information and psychological counselling for employment in order to increase the occupational safety level. Researches for the assessment of risks produced by the industrial environment and for decreasing their effects on the health state of the population.

* Elaboration of balance sheet and environmental impact studies for different domains such as: extractive industries of oil, natural gas, coal and peat, energy industry, production and processing of metals, mineral industry and building materials, chemical, petrochemical and rubber industries, textile, leather, wood and paper, waste management, tourism and recreation and other projects;
* Risk assessment of industry products and diminuation of their effects on health of population;
* Methods and technologies for preventing and combating air pollution;
* Elaboration of methods, technologies and techniques for prediction, prevention, rehabilitation and ecological restoration of areas affected by anthropogenic factors;
* Monitoring environmental parameters in the extractive industries;
* Psychological testing and elaboration of tests for different occupations held by the workers in the national economy;





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Petroșani, jud. Hunedoara, România
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Fax: +40 254 546277
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