Renewable Energy Systems and Recycling

Led by: Ion VIŞA
Fields: Mater. Sci. Chemistry & Synthesis
Products and process engineering
Institution: ”Transilvania” University of Brașov (UTBv)
Scientists/Total: 19/42
Keywords:  Materials development – Product design and optimization – Product prototyping

Materials development – Product design and optimisation – Product prototyping, aiming at the development of advanced solutions supporting sustainable communities based on renewable energy systems in the built environment and tailored solutions for environment management.


Delta-T Weather Station: anemometer; vane; solar radiation sensor; relative humidity and temperature sensor; data logger
Wind tunnel for small wind turbines:1 x 1 x 1.2 m, laminar flow, max. speed 30m/s
 Wind tunnel for downscaled proptotypes: 1:2…1:3
 Outdoor hybrid systems: wind turbine (1kW) + PV(1kWp)
Synthesis equipment:
- Thin film deposition: (1) Spray Pyrolisys:3D deposition robots; Ceramic and thermal tubes heating plates; (2) tape casting;
- Owens and heaters (atmospheric and vacuum);
- Laboratory facilities: soft che-mical synthesis; polymer gels;
- Electrochemical deposition potentiostat / galvanostat;
- Laboratory line for polymer composites: injection machine, mill, moulds.
Characterization Equipment:
Structural characterization: X-ray Diffractometer(including grazing);
Morphology and surface aspect: AFM, SEM, Elipsometer, Contact angle measurement apparatus Porosity and BET surface, microscopes.
Spectroscopy: UV-VIS - Absorption, Transmission and Reflectance; NIR, FTIR, Fluorescence;
Electrical and electrochemical charac-terisation: potentiostat, IV-testing for solar cells in dark and under illumination; impedance
Corrosion: corrosion rate and penetration index, fog room;
Thermal characterization: DSC;
Quantitative analysis: HPLC; AAS Mechanical testing: Static and Impact
Wastewater characterization: Photocatalytic reactors: static regime and continuous flow; Pollutants: Heavy metals (AAS); Organics (HPLC, TOC, COD, CBO5)



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Brașov, jud. Brașov, România
Tel: +40 268 410525




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