Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Research Centre (IPPRRC)

Led by: Sergiu NEDEVSCHI
Fields: Math. Comp. Sci. & Software Eng.
Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
Scientists/Total: 7/7
Keywords:  -

2D and 3D Image Processing and Recognition
• Features extraction and measurements from intensity images
• Pattern recognition
• Image texture detection and analysis
• Automatic extraction of semantic information from images and video data for annotation purposes
• Camera calibration
• Binocular and trinocular stereovision
• Stereovision for mobile robots and automotive applications
• Design and implementation of hardware solutions for stereovision using FPGA technology
Stereovision Based Perception for Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving
• 3D lane detection
• 3D objects detection and tracking
• 3D objects classification
• Pedestrian detection
• 3D structured/unstructured environment modeling
• Risk assessment
Medical Image Processing
• Texture based detection and classification of diffuse and focal illness from Ultrasound Images
• Structured reporting for medical images
• DICOM infrastructure implementation


Industrial CCD video cameras, color and grayscale, digitally interfaced and supporting external synchronization.
Digital image capture devices, capable of synchronizing multiple cameras for binocular or trinocular stereovision.
Integrated stereo acquisition systems (stereoheads).
Stereo reconstruction hardware boards.
Single beam and multi-beam laser scanners.
High resolution DGPS receivers with 2 cm accuracy.
Wireless communication interfaces for automotive applications (801.11p standard).
CAN cards, and CAN monitoring software.
Mobile platform for driving assistance applications.
Pioneer 3-ATmobile robot.
Software development frameworks for stereovision-based applications.
Software development frameworks for medical imaging.



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