Main contact: Octavian DUMITRESCU
Sectors: Web and Enterprise IT
Established: 2013
Company type: Software/IT
Position: Founder
Employees: 2

FAVORIT.ES is the app that helps you stay in touch with the most important people in your life, the ones that are at favorites in your phone’s agenda.
We all now what a CRM is – customer relationship manager. FAVORIT.ES is a FRM – favorites relationship management.
It tracks the interactions you have with your favorites (call, texts, mails and meetings). If it passes too much time without you interacting with a favorite than you get an alert on your phone reminding you to get in touch. As a user you set the time interval for each favorite (daily, weekly, every other week or monthly).
The app also shows you a graphical history of the interactions and also has a calendar feature that helps you set up meetings.
Android app launched in August 2013.


For additional information see the company profile at http://www.romanianstartups.com/startup/favorit-es/




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Str. Lucreţiu Pătrăşcanu
Municipiul București, jud. București, România
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