Main contact: Marius Șerban MANOLACHE
Sectors: Industrial processes and engineering
Electro-mechanical and Control Systems
Established: 1995
Company type: Other
Position: CEO
Employees: 6

Designs and conducts research in partnership with institutions in the country and abroad for applications that utilize mechanical transmission, in order to optimize energy consumption, increase efficiency, ease of service, reduce total cost of deployment and maintenance and increase product reliability.


- Mechanical Gearboxes ;
- Mechanical Speed variators ;
- Gearmotors;
- Moto-vari-reducers;
- Electric motors;
- Engines converter;
- Brakes ATEX;
- Couplings

Target market



Aleea Roşiori nr. 2, 105600
Câmpina, jud. Prahova, România
Tel: +40 244 337322  +4 0722 361545
Fax: +40 244 375710
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