Main contact: Arthur ALVES
Sectors: Biotech, medical and pharmaceutical
Established: 2014
Company type: Software/IT
Position: Founder
Employees: >10

Nurss makes precise diagnostic predictions based on user’s medical history and symptoms, using external factors and evidance-based pathological patterns. It helps us to avoid the occurrence and aggravation of diseases, alerting to the risks of our symptoms and medical history, making possible to have longer and better lives.


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Using Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning, Nurss makes current pre diagnostics and also predict incoming diseases.
Beside our main feature we provide: First Aid Instructions in a day-to-day scenario; Medical Map showing hospitals, pharmacies and other medical facilities nearby; and In Case of Emergency Call that quickly call the local emergence service wherever you are. Once with a pre-diagnostic’s detailed report, automatically see a list of doctors nearby specialised in the respective field and make an immediate appointment through our application. You don’t have reasons to be careless again.

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Str. Argeș
Iași, jud. Iași, România
Tel: +4 0753 839227

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