Starting this year, Simplon in partnership with RubyTribe from Cluj organizes a 6-months web development bootcamp in Cluj. You can apply until 20th of August because there is no limit for the number of applicants, but only 10 people will be selected for the first program. The bootcamp starts in October at the beginning of the month. Simplon is offering free training to people who are highly motivated to learn and start a career in web development and entrepreneurship, especially addressing people with financial difficulties and under-represented profiles in the web industry like women, unemployed, students and young people who drop out of school, graduates looking for jobs, people with disabilities, people coming from rural areas and Roma people. 

Develop your hard skills & soft skills: HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails, Github, Test Drive & Agile Development, Computational thinking, Web Project Management, APIs, UX design, Lean startup.

What you'll be learning? Pitching, business canvas and benchmarking, landing page, web development, business plan, teambuilding, setting a company, bootstrapping and lean startup, funding.

At Simplon we teach people how to code in the easiest and fastest way possible with Ruby on Rails. Whether you are a begginer or experienced in programing, we will help you learn how to create web and mobile applications using the most advanced technologies and programming languages. The learning hub is hosted by Cluj Cowork space, an inspiring environment for community-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers passionate about their work. 

For further information, please visit Simplon website or read this interesting interview with the co-founders in Today Software Magazine



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